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Welcome to the bp Supplier Support portal for PO identifiers starting with '492'

Bookmark this page to find training materials on how to use the Ariba Network (AN) depending on the type of Ariba account you opt for (standard or enterprise). Access the relevant resource below to find out the latest news and stay informed about process updates.


bp-icon-play-fill-bp-green-100.pngAriba Network Supplier Training Portal (multi-language support) 

This learning site is designed to assist suppliers using their Ariba Network Account to: 
  • Learn what Ariba Network is, and how to get started
  • The different account types
  • How to configure your account, including payment and bank information
  • How to add new users 
  • How to view your scheduled payment due date
  • Remittance information

For bp-specific instructions, please refer to the Add-On document provided below:


This add-on guide provides bp specific instructions to ensure that you are aware of the correct steps to follow. Please review this guide to ensure you will be able to invoice and receive payment on time.  
bp-icon-play-fill-bp-green-100.png Standard vs Enterprise Accounts

To find out more about the difference between a Standard vs. an Enterprise account click here.  

If you’re considering upgrading to an Enterprise account, make sure you review the terms and conditions, fee structure and costs incurred carefully and contact Ariba for guidance. bp is not responsible for any account upgrade made in error or costs incurred from using the Enterprise account.  

Click here if you wish to downgrade an Enterprise account at any time. You will be directed to raise the request directly with SAP*.
*If you do wish to downgrade, you will need to pay your outstanding invoices first. If you have a query about your fees, click here to raise a dispute directly with SAP.


High Level Process Flow

If you click any of the green boxes below you can navigate directly to that step in the process. If any of these links fail to work please click here and navigate manually through the online portal. 

Supplier step: (optional): Advance shipment notice Supplier step:Issue material invoice Supplier step:Confirm PO Supplier step:Confirm Service Entry Sheet Supplier step: Issue invoice

Useful Links


What's new 


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For issues and queries please reach out to the relevant bp Supplier Support team using the correct channel found on the Get Help page. 

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